Do not receive the payment for the month of April?

I am new, create my account in March, I received the BAT of that month but they never deposited them in my uphold account, it is worth mentioning that the uphold account is from a friend and it is verified and attached to my account in order to receive the payments. I can not verify my personal uphold account, in short I have, I think, everything right now because I did not receive my payment for the month of March? I have 104 BAT and I hope to receive them this month of May, besides that I have my YouTube account verified? HELP

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I still do not receive payment, I thought that on April 8 they would pay me and they did not, I wait for an answer to know if for this month of May I will receive payment, I am originally from Venezuela and as you know here the crisis is very strong and that reward would help me I also want to open a project on YouTube with this browser to attract new members and I could not because I can see that this system works 100%

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