Waiting for 2 months for my BAT

Hello! It’s already March 9 and for the past 3 months, i am waiting for the payment. I’m just wondering if when will i get my BAT. I have verified Uphold account.

Kindly Resolve my issues

Hello, can you let me know on what date you verified your Uphold account? Can you also share your YouTube channel or website with us here? Thanks.

I verified my upload account on 03/02/2019 and This is my channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeqTrQ7G1HxtEHbIw_VSKJw

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Thanks. Since you verified your Uphold on March 2nd 2019, you will have missed the payout this month (since the payout statement was generated on the 1st of March). Therefore, you should be receiving your payouts next month.

Make sure to verify your Uphold account before March 1st in order to receive your payout by the 8th!

No i verified feb 3 not march 2

Thanks for clarifying. The date format was ambiguous (wasn’t sure if month or day was stated first).

Also, please keep in mind that tips are still in progress.

Can you please tell us your YT channel or website so we can check? Thanks.

My Youtube Channel - Tech Guru Tamil
URL - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeqTrQ7G1HxtEHbIw_VSKJw

Waiting for your reply. Hopefully …

Hi will i get My BAT this month

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