Do not get last month BAT balance

Hi Brave Admin
I do not know exactly about how Brave reward system work.
I joined Brave publisher on April 3, and on that day I introduced Brave to my friends, they’ ve installed and used the app until now. But today May 4, I do not see BAT rewards on my balance.
Can you please help me this case?
Thank you so much.

You do not have any confirm, so 0 bat is true :slight_smile:

I know, but when can I get the confirmation? My friends is still using Brave since April 3 to now, but there is no confirm…

HI @MoonEvangelist - it can take 48hrs for the dashboard to update. If it indeed confirmed yesterday, it could take until tomorrow to reflect that in the dash.

Thanks for reaching out!

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Dear Mr. @steeven
Since the last day you supported my case, I got only 3 confirmations. I am very sure that I have more than 10 friends is using Brave since the first week of April until now, but only 3 confirmations in the last 8 days…
Please help me this
Thanks for your support!!!

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