My BAT balance shows its unavailable?

I logged in to my publisher account today and saw that my BAT balance is unavailable?

also my statement box says, no statements to show, but i have transferred BAT to uphold before!, why is this happening?
I have seem a post from past which says it was server issue, but a dev said it was fixed, then why is this still happening?

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just wait bro i think all of us are just like that

So does brave not award iOS users at all.

@abbas_dhd Read this:

Dear BAT & Brave community,

Due to holidays in the US and Canada, we’d like to let everyone know that the Brave Ads and Creators payouts for July 2021 will be starting later than usual. The Brave Ads payout will begin on July 7th, and the Brave Creators payout will begin on July 13th. While we aim to start processing payments to both verified and unverified users on Wednesday, July 7th, 2021, for Brave Ads, please note that the transactions can take several days to complete.

We’ll keep you updated as things progress!

Thank you for being part of the BAT & Brave community,
—Brave Rewards Team


@Megajuanna Apple will not allow iOS devices to participate in the Brave Rewards program.

ok i guess i have to wait till 13th july then.
also, thanks for the reply. :smiley:


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