Brave rewards not given inspite of seeing adds


I am not receiving any BAT as rewards. I have been receiving a few ads though may be couple of them in a day. I have recently joined in and using Brave browser more extensively. Have synced my laptop and phone both but in sun.

Read through the issues faced by others but none worked or seemed relevant. Pls help.

Hi @DharaU Welcome to Community!
BAT is paid out once a month. If you see ads they will not be immediately added to your balance. It gets put into a pending balance state that will be paid around the first week of each month.

I’ve been having the same issue. I receive and view ads, more than 10 in the last 24 hours. Yet in my rewards history it shows I have no rewards pending

I’ve had the same problem, hasn’t been working for a few days, and then started working again today 24th May 2021. It’s not the end of month payment it’s what you can see daily on a new tab. when an add is clicked and you also open a new tab to see it get updated, when it’s working. Maybe they have been getting diverted to someone else’s account !!!

See the Brave rewards details here based on your region : Brave Ads in My Region

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