Brave Rewards not updating since 3 days


My Brave Rewards balance is not updating since 29.2.2020
Number of confirmed instals shows 10 more last 3 days, but balance in BAT not increasing.

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I believe its a bug, also my BAT count is not increasing in the last few days…


Similar cases. My BAT balance has not changed in the last 3 days even though I have more than 10 confirmations that have been updated and they did not answer :frowning:


You are not alone, many members like you

previously, statistics were disabled for almost a week. promised to charge BAT for this period. and they didn’t add anything. for them, this is already considered normal. this attitude will lose all partners

I also confirm the problem in my account.

Keep calm. So many fraudsters. They put all their resources to filter fraud and generate report.

I also experienced the same thing. 02-29-2020

Tengo el mismo problema no se acreditan los BAT en mis estadĂ­sticas

Please wait a few days, these number tend to settle closer to each payout.


Something similar happened last month where all confirmations , downloads and installations were messed with and publishers were not rewarded. This attitude is unprofessional and really provoking.

También presentó el mismo problema desde hace 3 días se incrementa el saldo en mi tablero azul pero no en mis bats

as long as brave keep this way i will be out of it soon ad probably many like me too.

My rewards haven’t updated since 2/5 when I got my last payout. It says next payout is April 5th, but I haven’t received anything for March.

I faced same problems, from Mar 3, my publisher account is still not updated

Updated right now :slight_smile:

But you are not getting paid the updated balance

I think they will pay next month :thinking:

Yes…They should pay next month but not cool

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