Do ads have to be watched to collect earnings?

I have been missing a lot of ads that have been popping up on my computer. Is there a way to open them automatically? Also, are you paid regardless of whether you watch the ad or not? How can you tell when you’ve been paid?

How does somebody get ads in order to get these coins? And where do they show up at? I don’t have a computer yet so don’t know if it’s different on android phone or what. And learning about this computer stuff is all new to me

BAT tokens are only given if you click the AD and as far as I’m Aware its PC only.
On top of that Publisher Ads (ads that you view like banner ads and dont click on, on brave verified content creator websites like the LA times, that give you 15% of the revenue for viewing it) arent enabled yet, so only the ads that brave notifies you of and you click on earn you tokens

@Andyman115 So if I don’t have a computer I am not able to earn rewards?

At this point no, they have mentioned plans in the future to include mobile and the publisher ad platform in future updates. THERE ARE OTHER ways to get BAT that arent 100% backed by brave, Such as buying it on coinbase or trust wallet, or getting some for free through coinbase earn, or using the long game savings app, however currently the only 100% Brave backed way to earn BAT tokens is on PC in the select countries theyved rolled out the beta in

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