Brave browser (Android) and Adguard

I have a quick question, I have adguard (from not the awful version in the Google store)

Will it have any effect on earning BAT in brave? It blocks ads and trackers in all apps and browsers (except Facebook) and if it does interfere with Brave I can exclude it from the filtering list.


@d0x360 I believe no. Brave Ads is (for now) appears as system notification. So it’s likely it’ll not get blocked.

I do get the system notifications and when clicked they open but I’ve given the app an exemption from adguard just in case.

I’m now getting at least 10 notifications a day for the last few days from Brave, I’ve disabled adguard so there is no filtering on the browser except from the browsers own filtering and I haven’t earned any BAT.

I’m kinda confused about how this whole system works. I click the notifications, I even read the site and click links on the site.

This is all for the mobile version of brave on Android. I also setup a coinbase wallet just for brave because that’s what the browser linked me to.

There might me some helpful tips in the Brave Ads FAQs and Brave Rewards FAQs.

First of all you do not have to click on the notifications and you absolutely do not need to use the products that are advertised. You get rewarded for each notification as they come in, even if you discard them right away.

When you say you didn’t earn any BAT, you are probably referring to your wallet balance, which shows 0.0 BAT. However, your rewards are not added to your wallet right away. First they are collected as “Estimated pending rewards”.
In your Brave App, type in the following URL: chrome://rewards/ads
There you will see how many ads you viewed so far. At the 5th of each month you’ll get the chance to move those BAT to your wallet.

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Well that will teach me not to skim when I read. I understand it now, thanks. Also glad I don’t have to keep reading the same article again lol

Take care.


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