Do ads auto-close?

So strange question here.
I have ads set to pop up 4 times an hour.
If i have to leave my computer for an hour, but its left up and running, would the ads close themselves and re-pop-up?
So if I leave the computer right now, and an ad pops up that I don’t click or close, in 15 minutes (just generalizing here), when another ad should pop up, will it? Will it overtake the current one? Or because i never clicked or closed, would that first ad just remain and no new ads will pop up until its closed or clicked??

Just one of those questions that keep you up at night. :sweat_smile:

no but they come in notification msn so you need to click them when they are there


It an attention coin, so you have to pay attention for when an AD opportunity comes up, otherwise you get no reward.

You can just let your computer sit there all day and let the push notifications build up and expect to collect at the end of the night.