Brave Rewards on New Computer

I purchased a new computer a few months ago and migrated all of my accounts over to the new one, however I can’t seem to get any new ads to pop up on my PC. The ads on my phone are still showing up and depositing into my Uphold. any help would be greatly appreciated.

do you mean no ads at all or just no popup notification ads? do new tab ads and news ads work?

No pop up ads work. The new tab ads still show up.

likely a system setting, what OS?

I’m running windows 11. Version 21H2 if that helps

probably focus assist is on it always interferes.

Alright I just turned it off, and hopefully I’ll start seeing ads again soon!

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let me know if it is fixed.

Hopefully they show up soon.

Hey man thank you so much for the help! Just had an ad pop up on my screen. You got anyway to throw you a few BAT for thanks?


no need, happy to help. thank you for the offer though.

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