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Not an issue, just a query and possibly a request for help:

I’m running unbound (, a caching rDNS server, on my router for my network. ( My cached lookups are in the 0-1 usec range, which helps significantly on a slower ISP connection, and recursive lookups return results in the <65 msec range…a pretty big difference, so hopefully you see why I ask)

  1. How do I point instances of brave to it? I can’t seem to input something that brave recognises/accepts without a warning (“Please verify that this is a valid provider or try again later”), so how do I fix that?

  2. what are the benefits/drawbacks to doing so? is it as much of a hardening of my network security/privacy as I think it will be?

Brave v1.30.87 on linux (lubuntu 20.04.3) (but there are various iDevices/Androids and Windows clients running brave as the default on my network as well)

Thanks in Advance

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