DMCA notifications

Just started using browser on desktop and this could be coincidental but after browsing a few sites with the tor option I immediately started getting DMCA notifications from Comcast stating they received a request from a content owner that I had downloaded protected content. Could be totally coincidental but the notifications came 20 minutes after first use and have never received them before. I did not download any files or movie content, so this was a surprise. Could potentially be phishing, or I could have been popped, but have never seen this before. The file I supposedly downloaded via Tor does not exist as named, including hidden files. Wondering if anyone else experienced anything else like this. Clearly I don’t want to be tagged a pirate for boot legging things I’m not…

Hi @bucknet,

Welcome to community! That’s interesting. What OS and Brave version are you running? Have you used Tor Browser before? If so did similar behavior occur?

Thanks in advance for the info!

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