Display bug on youtube's channels wwith Brave browser

Oh I know where the problem is coming from, this is when I’m logged on youtube, if I’m not logged on it works

Well, if you’re fine with not being logged in while watching videos, then I guess that works.

It’s not fine at all haha, I don’t see myself using youtube without being logged on

And this only with one of my youtube account, it works for the others…

This one has me rather stumped. The fact that it seems to be a single YouTube account and not any of your others is more odd. Would you mind trying this out again in a guest profile and on Chrome while logged into said account?

Same thing, it doesn’t work

And this is not only on youtube channels pages but also in settings pages etc

Hi there, thanks for bringing this issue to our attention.

Could you by chance check your ultra wide screen settings?
Unfortunately this may not be a Brave issue, it would be good to double check with Youtube/Google Support if they could resolve the issue on their end.

This doesn’t have anything to do with my screen, because it does the same on different screens, and I can’t find help anywhere… I’m posting everywhere but it seems like no one can solve my problem

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