Small Browser window keeps popping up

So for a 1 to 2 weeks time now i’ve started to get this small window (mainly when watching youtube) that keeps popping up inbetween my two monitors which make the windows bar show on videos etc when full screened.

This happens very often and mostly when on youtube. The screenshot is taken of the little box that shows up between my 2 monitors and why it looks kinda strange.

Any known fix to this or will we have to wait for a brave update?


**Expected result: Fixing it?

**Brave Version: 1.30.86 Chromium: 94.04606.61 (64 bit)

nobody has any idea?

Never seen that before, but it could be an extension. Have you tried disabling any/all of them?

Does the issue still occur in a private window or in a new profile?

well just happening while using my browser normally. That said, actually not yet done it today so not sure what have caused it. My browser have always been strange in it own way aswell as slow loading some sites that load much faster when taking Edge or firefox.

even so far that sometimes when watching youtube or streams it starts loading randomly for no reason and test of internet still have speeds of 300 Mbit which is more then fine to watch HD streams and videos on multiple devices at the same time.

So really do not know what is going on with my brave since i only seem to have these problems in Brave.

Regardless, will keep an eye out to see if it do the thingy today, if not then i guess it just stopped randomly

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It appears to just be a small, open Brave window. As if you opened a normal window and/or tab, grabbed one of the corners with your cursor and shrank it down to a tiny size.

If you see it appear again, can you grab the corners and try and make the window bigger so we can see what’s actually on it?

it comes and goes quickly so almost impossible to manage to open up full window and take a screenshot before its gone again

Then I think this is likely some sort of pop-up triggered by a site you’re on or potentially an extension you have installed. If you see the window appear again in your current setup, I would then try and test this with your extensions disabled and/or with a fresh profile and see if the issue persits.

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