Dispaly FIND entry box full time, say at bottom of screen like Firefox


Thanks for having Brave available. As the subject indicates, is it possible to keep the FIND search box open all of the time. It is not convenient to keep opening it up when using the same search criteria. Kindly consider having the FIND stay open like Firefox does at the bottom of the screen.

I am using Brave on a Windows 10 desktop.

Thanks you so much.

Redmond, Oregon

Thank you for reaching out to us.
Unless I’m missing something, the “find” option does appear until closed, just at the top of the screen:

This is true even if you leave the current page.

For some reason, mine does not stay open. When I find the searched for word and then open the link to that particular document, the FIND popup is gone when returning to the Brave screen.

My specific application is as follows: I am using an old-time Bulletin Board System (BBS) over amateur radio. So when I open a message on the BBS, and then come back to the listing of messages, the FIND popup has disappeared.


Here is a sample of what I am talking about. If I click on a message number it opens up to be read. When I hit back to the list, the FIND popup is gone.

Thanks for any help you can provide to me.


Hey @nj3h , this is a really neat thing you’re doing BTW.

To your question, I think I see what you mean. Not sure if there’s a way to make it persist if you navigate away from the page.

One thing that might work for you though, if each of those message numbers is its own hyperlink, you can middle-click (or Ctrl+click) each of them to open them in their own tabs. Then the original page with the index will remain unchanged, including your Find box.

Hello Jim,

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, a new tab isn’t created automatically. One has to scroll down a popup menu after the ctrl click key sequence, which of course is more work than just hitting ctrl F again. Of course one loses where they were in the list the way things are now. Maybe someday the powers to be might find a way to make the FIND capability a permanent fixture on the screen, like Firefox.

The reason not to use Firefox for this setup is that occasionally Firefox causes an error on the screen display. Brave is a good browser, though, and doesn’t have this issue.

The BBS capability is created by a worldwide network via internet and over the air in the 144 MHz amateur radio band, using a data mode called Packet. It is at least a 30 year-old mode, as I used it in the late 80s and just got back to using it. An amateur radio license is not difficult to obtain with some study. At least 28 years ago, the requirement to pass Morse Code tests was removed. I still had to pass the 20 word per minute code test for my Extra class license. For more information, check out arrl.org.

Good luck and thank you for writing me.



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