No option to stay on current tab when clicking search result links

There used to be an option to either stay on current tab or open search links in a new tab. I cannot find where to make it stay in current tab when clicking on search result links, in the new version of Brave Browser. It looks like there is now no choice and can only open links in a new tab. I prefer to stay on the current tab and just use my mouse to move forward or backward between pages. Can we get that option back please?

@TyFawkes let’s slow it down a bit.

I just went to test and when I click on links, it generally jumps to that site in the same tab. It’s not opening new tabs or anything, unless I click on Ctrl as I’m clicking, at which point it opens in a new tab. So it seems what you’re saying isn’t true, at least not in the general sense.

Search result from where? I tested on Brave Search and Google just now. Neither had the behavior you’re describing.

It generally helps if you’re not vague. For example, there’s Brave Release, Brave Beta, and Brave Nightly. You could be referring to any of those. And when you say new version, we don’t know if you’re actually fully up to date or anything. It becomes very important to know the specific version number of Brave you are using.

Equally important is to know which OS you’re using. As you can imagine, there are differences between Linux, Windows, Mac, etc. And which iteration of those OS also can matter.

I think it was the Startpage search option, as it had ‘open in a new tab’ by default. I’ve since disabled it and now brave works normally, i.e., it opens a link in the same tab.

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Glad to hear it. I asked all the details because small things like which website being used and all matters. Thanks for responding to give an update.

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