some suggestions.

I would like to make some suggestions.
1.Sometimes brave doesn’t open in full window.
If I minimize the first window and open a second, it will open in a small window and I have to do it myself, in full screen (quite annoying).
2.If you can make the search bar (google) appear in the middle of the window and not only at the top, as in firefox, chrome.
Selected search engine, I have google and I would like it to show me, in each new window that I open, the selection of google applications, top right.
3.While I have selected in the brave menu to delete, the history (everything) when leaving the brave,
in the taskbar if I right-click on the brave icon, it shows me the most popular and which recently closed, while I have choose to delete everything when I exit the brave.
4. if it is possible to add an icon, next to the menu icon, so that all the bookmarks are gathered there, such as in firefox.

Sorry for my English.

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