Your September Rewards ARE NOT LOST!

The Rewards counter resets at midnight UTC (NOT your local time zone–there’s a fix coming for that) at the end of each month. You should soon (in the next day or two) see a message in your Brave Rewards page with a countdown to when payments BEGIN (on or about 7 October–it takes as much as a week for all of them to process). Be patient and stop freaking out!


Thank you for explaining. Last month was my first month using Brave. I also havent connected a verified wallet (eg gemini or uphold). so what happens over time (eg after 2nd, 3rd month) if I dont have a verified, connected wallet? Will it keep accumulating until I do connect a verified wallet to which I can withdraw my accumulated BAT?
Thanks again

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Yes, it will keep accumulating until you connect it to a verified wallet. I myself have been accumulating BAT for a year now. I don’t trust Uphold, and I’m still watching Gemini to see whether or not I want to trust it.

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Mines showing 0.480, I’m missing 0.5. Is anything wrong? Also I never got my 5 BAT for verifying with Gemini.

Is that in the “Current earnings this month (estimated)” or in the “coming in X days”?

The 5 BAT for verifying with Gemini comes about 30 days after you verify with them.

Current earnings this month.

As I said, at the end of the month, the Current Earnings counter resets to zero. The “missing” amount is approximately what you’ll receive in a week or two. Since you have a verified Gemini wallet, it should go directly into your wallet after Brave processes the payment.

Actually, I think mine have disappeard. I know what it normally does, and normally looks like, at the end of the month, and it does not look like this/do this. Normally, on about the 5th, my BAT resets to 0 and a message appears saying ‘x amount of BAT coming in 2 days’, and then my BAT appear in 2 days. That is NOT what is happening. First of all, my BAT reset on the 29th of Sept, not the 5th of October, and, second, there is no message saying ‘x amount of BAT will appear in 2 days’. In fact, there is no message at all. So. I have good reason to be concerned.

Since you can’t know what it happening with everyone’s account, telling them that there’s nothing wrong is incorrect. Also, yelling at them that their rewards ‘ARE NOT LOST’ is rude, and so is telling them ‘not to freak out’. People can react how they wish.

Yes exactly on not trusting Uphold. And there’s no way to withdraw/transfer my Accumulated BAT into a BAT wallet?

Believe what you wish. Makes no difference to me. These changes took place in August, so what you’re describing is obsolete.

I lost 2.6 BAT and now its showing 0.145 BAT will be transferred on 8 Oct

Same happened with me, my browser reset itself on 29th and lost everything and its reset to 0 BAT

The only way to transfer your BAT from your Brave Rewards to an actual crypto wallet is through either Uphold or Gemini.

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