Enabling tab groups in tablets view relevant Brave flag doesn't do anything

I enabled the flag called #enable-tab-groups-for-tablets, but so far there is no indication that this feature is working or not.

I have an Android 11 tablet – realme Pad Mini, model RMP 2105.

Go to brave settings → Accessibility ->Turn off simplified view for open tabs

Hello @Vivraan, thank you for contacting us. Please read the following article so you can realize how to enable/disable tab groups on Android:

Hope it resolves your concern. Regards.

You should also enable #grid-tab-switcher-for-tablets along with #enable-tab-groups-for-tablets

You can go here for more info:

It doesn’t work for Tablets as the option is not available

This was already turned off so it doesn’t help unfortunately.

This option is not available on my tablet! I would have gone right there the first time anyways.

This did not solve the problem for me either. :frowning:

Here’s a screenshot for reference:

Okay, so I just turned on a third flag, #enable-tab-grid-layout, and it works. Thanks for the info everyone!

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