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How to remove the shields ad blocker in Brave browser latest version V1.15.72

You want to remove Shields? Can I ask why you want to do this?
Regardless, Shields cannot be removed, but you can disable all Shields protections and effectively run the browser as if it wasn’t there (note that the Shields Icon in the address bar will still be visible).

To do this:

  1. Go to Menu --> Settings --> Shields
  2. Observe the options at the bottom of this section:
  3. Change Trackers & ads blocking value to Disabled
  4. Toggle Upgrade connections to HTTPS “OFF”
  5. Toggle Block Scripts “OFF”
  6. Change Cookie blocking value to Disabled
  7. Change Fingerprinting blocking value to Disabled
  8. Relaunch the browser.

Now you will be running the browser without any Shields functionality. Note that I would highly advise against this, given that Shields protects you from a litany of creepy stuff online, as well as helps keep you and your data secure.
You can learn more about Shields and how they function on our Help Center:

Well When I open My Bookmark Browser tabs they are very slow to open and I heard that disabling the shields ad blaoker since I don’t use it would speed things up.

It is highly unlikely that Shields is causing this type of performance issue.

When you say

Do you mean that when you click on one of your bookmarks, the site is slow to open/load? Or am I misinterpreting what you’re saying? Would you mind elaborating a bit for me? Additionally, a screenshot (or recording) of what you’re referring to would be helpful.

Well I’m sorry but I’m new to the Brave community and new to the Brave browser. Well I have my bookmarks to come across the top of the brave browser right underneath The address barSo all I have to do is click on 1. So when I do it’s takes like about 10 seconds to get The webpage for that tab to open and fully display on my screen? I use another ad blocking software adblock plus. So I do not feel the need to have 2 on here. and now that I think about it I also have ublock origin on here as well as an extention. So I would Like to completley remove the shields add on extention. I also have another question if you would not Mind? Does the brave browser support dns over http? Where I can use alternative dns servers within the browser like cloudfare And if it does support this could you tell me how I could go about enabling this?

Thank you!!

Can you try testing something for me? I’d like you to create a new browser profile (can delete it after this test) and see if you get the same behavior on that profile.

  1. Create a new browser profile (Menu --> Create profile)
  2. In the new profile, add a bookmark to the bookmarks toolbar – would be best to use a site you’ve seen the described behavior for before.
  3. Now, still in the new profile, open a new tab and close any others (so you should only have one tab open with the new tab page), then click on the bookmark you made

Do you get the same behavior, or does the site load as intended?

Concerning DNS over HTTP – it is not available yet but we do have an issue open to include it. It seems to be set to Priority 2 as well so it should be pushed out sooner rather than later. You can view/track progress of the issue here:

yes it still does it. So Is there a way that I can completely turn off the shield ad blocker? Or can you tell me why opening the bokkmark tabs is so slow is there a hack or a tweak? And I heard that in the flags there was a command that would let me enable the dns over http. But I’m not sure if that was for older versions. Not sure why older versions would have it and not newer.

“Yes it does”…Open as intended? Open slowly? Whats the behavior? If you open websites in ways other than the bookmarks toolbar (for example, by typing them into the address bar directly or search results links) do sites load normally? Further, do the same sites load normally when entered into the address bar as opposed to opening them from the bookmarks toolbar?

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