Disable "Open new tab in group" option

For the love of Pete how do I turn off the topmost menu item when going to open a link in a new tab?

I have Group Tabs turned off. But that idiotic item remains on the menu, and even worse it’s the topmost item.

I never, ever want tabs to open in a group.

Using the most recent update on Android 13.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Long-press a link until the menu appears

Completely agree. The top context menu item called “Open in new tab in group” seems to have been added in the most recent update. Horrible design choice. If you’re going to take away the ability to disable tab groups altogether, at least don’t put this lesser-used item at the top of the context menu. “Open in new tab” should be at the top, like it used to be, since 99% of the time when I long-press on a link, I simply want to open it in a new tab.
Please fix this!

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Mark me down in agreement, too. At least let us tweak the placement.


Yes please, I have the same issue. It took a while to find that simply you change the order of the elements in the context menu, so people they normally uses tab groups are also struggling. I cannot understand why this is not an optional think and the order and options cannot be user customized.

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Related issue, the article at “https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/4402426130573-How-do-I-Enable-Disable-Tab-Groups-on-Android-” suggest this “feature” can be disabled under Settings->Appearance, but no such option exists in the actual indicated menu.

I’m switching to my backup browser until the bug preventing disabling tab groups is hotfixed.

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Ditto here.

Last update brought this option back. I don’t want it, but there is no way to disable it.

I keep accidentally clicking it since it has forced its way to the top of the menu.

Any fix soon? Have no sense, in that way all the time you’re creating just 1 big group of tabs, that option have no sense to be a mandatory one.

I don’t ever need to use tab groups on Android, and honestly I hate the way they’re implemented. That’s why I’d prefer to never have to deal with them. But if I can’t disable it, at least don’t put a new tab group as the top most option in the context menu. Since the recent update I keep clicking on it accidentally, and it’s sooo annoying, that I can’t access new tabs the same way as usual. And this dumb new bar covers bottom of the screen.

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Yes, please at least move this damned option further down the list so we dont keep inadvertently clicking it where “Open in New Tab” was … and should be.

Any news? Someone in the house looking to this? I saw that in android chrome is already in the same way, so not sure if it’s something that can be fix.

Add me to the long list of people who don’t enjoy unintentionally creating new tab groups all the time. Sometimes links from brave news open in their own group regardless of choosing open in new tab (not group). This regression is annoying and it’d be nice to see this bug(feature?) squashed.

Eeerg this is truly awful.

To make matters even worse the behaviour is not consistent - if you click an image the open in new tab is the first option and there is no group item on the menu so the goal posts keep moving. :confused:

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It’s kind of sad that nobody from Brave says something about this issue, just say is a big on the list, something from Chromium that cannot be fixed or that you think is the right way, and maybe we can choose to use another browser.

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Totally agree, and there should be an option to disable tab groups altogether.

Not that you need a “second”, but I completely second this. Tab groups are annoying and make my mobile experience harder and less intuitive. Please allow an opt-out.

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