Brave Shields Version 1 and Seeing Names of Trackers?

In the following thread, we had a very useful discussion on how to reset Brave Shields so that trackers remained visible:

No Longer Able to See Names of Trackers Blocked in Shield

In that thread 289wk wrote:
Have exact the same feeling. I don’t like the new menu found the solution (for now) brave://flags #brave-shields-v1 set to enabled #brave-shields-v2 set to disable

It appears to me that I can no longer return to Brave Shields Version 1 in Flags. Correct?

**a) Why have we moved backwards yet again?, and **
b) Is there a way I can get this functionality back?

Yes, I’m aware that I can find this information under “Advanced Controls” with several additional clicks.


We are discussing it here

1.) My first link will answer your first question
2.) No, there is no way currently to get the old functionality back.


chh_68 – Thank you!

vent thread here :slight_smile:

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