Disable address bar search


Brave is a privacy focused browser. So I downloaded it because I wanted to have privacy while browsing the web.

But I have just found out that if I type something wrong in the address bar and hit enter, that misspelled word is immediately sent to the default search engine.

For example, if I type “12345” in the address and hit enter, Brave Browser is going to tell google: “hey google. This guy here wants to search for ‘12345’”. If google or any other company can get all my misspelled URLs then there is no privacy.

I know I can change the default search engine used in the address bar but that doesn’t solve the problem. I don’t want to send misspelled addresses to duckduckgo either.

So here is my suggestion:
Put a new option in the list inside Settings > Search Engine > Search engine used in the Address Bar:

  1. Google.
  2. DuckDuckGo
  3. Bing
  4. NONE.

Or just make it possible to simply disable this feature.

Thank you.

I agree. I downloaded Brave expecting this very basic privacy feature only to find it doesn’t exist! Very disappointing.
It makes me question how committed to privacy Brave really is.

I found an open Github issue. Unfortunately it’s over a year old and was given a priority 5, or simply put - unless more users raise their concerns, don’t expect it implemented soon.