Websites stopped working or Crashing

There is Update chrome error appearing on Prime websites which is not when opening directly on chrome.
Please fix it or tell a fix I really don’t want to switch to Chrome. Screenshots of Error are attached.
ps. I have Widevine turned on & toggled it on & off stuff,cleared cache, cookies but the error remains.

Amazon Prime- Music & Video Not working :

Issue is present with Shields ON or OFF both

Site is opening normally in Chrome

Version- Desktop v1.50.114 (Apr 5, 2023)

@cornhub it’s because you have Widevine turned off. Go to SettingsExtensionsWidevine and make sure it’s enabled. Or you can just go to brave://settings/extensions and enable Widevine. Two different ways to get to the same thing.

It’s turned on already. The error is with new update.
I think it has something to do with the chromium architecture

Could you disable, then re-enable widevine? (restart the browser in between changes) then test again?

are you guys able to open and access these sites?

@cornhub yes, I am. I mean, I used the .com version rather than .in version. Not sure if that matters. I’ve just never seen the .in advertised and don’t trust it as much as I do the .com that’s typically plastered everywhere.

Keep in mind that because of Widevine (the DRM), screenshots won’t show video. But you can see where the subtitle shows and the movie player is going. But Prime Video is below:

And Prime Music below:

@cornhub Also to show, if I turn off Widevine, I get this:

Look familiar? It’s why I told you to enable Widevine. If you’re saying it’s and you relaunched, then not sure why you might still be getting it. I mean, if you have any extensions, I’d be wondering if they somehow might be causing a random/crazy occurrence.

I’d ask you to Create a new profile and test there, making sure not to add extensions to it. Just make sure to enable Wildvine on it and see if your Amazon stuff loads.

I actually reinstalled Browser, for like 5 minutes, the Music works and then it returned the same error. Also the earning tab is showing blanks in the Rewards page, even though I received a notification of 4.75 BAT will arrive in 5 days this morning itself. My OS is Windows 11. But there’s one thing I am suspicious about, I used Norton AV before but since I have uninstalled this and switched to Defender, all this started and the March Brave update.
& I use no extension, just the built in Brave Adblocker

I am thinking to Fresh install the browser but I don’t want to lose my Data (Bookmarks extensions etc.)
Is there any way to do this.

@cornhub the blank part under Earning is because it doesn’t have you connected to Uphold or Gemini. You can no longer earn if you’re not connected. (since it was new installation, you likely didn’t connect new browser to it)

You could just copy your \brave-browser folder, or at least the User Data portion under it, as that would contain bookmarks and extensions. It won’t include passwords. If you have another device, you could do a sync chain, which would let you sync all of that between it. Then when you did fresh install, you could add new browser installation to sync chain and have it all appear.

But before doing anything like a fresh install, why don’t you try the new profile like I’ve mentioned?

I tried the profile, but It doesn’t work either. I have tried nearly everything at this point but the error won’t go

Is Widevine enabled in brave://settings/extensions (regarding video/music playback issues)

No Fix was successful, reinstalled the browser and copied registry files and continued. Probably was some version mismatch or update issue.

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