Different toolbar options on Android

I think there should be more toolbar options on Android. Also have read lot of comments on the forum that never got an answer about it.

Brave is one of the best options out there, and also great between platforms. But the Android versions doesn’t seem to improve much in a while.

Specifically the toolbar on Android doesn’t make a lot of sense.

In the first place, the default option with only one toolbar on the top isn’t helpful at all. Nowadays most smartphones are pretty large and the most easy way would be that the toolbar would be on the bottom. At least, there should be an option to choose which one you want.

At this moment, the only option to have a toolbar on the bottom adds a second toolbar, but that takes too much space from the screen, in my point of view unnecessarily. I mean, that option doesn’t have to go, there probably are people who like that option, because it adds more buttons.

But in that case, not mine because I don’t like a second toolbar, I see people asking for the possibility to customize which buttons are shown there.

I been patiently waiting for some of this changes for some time, but we haven’t seen any changes on the appearance setting on Android, so I think is time to ask for them, and to be analyze by the developers.

At least, the option to have only one toolbar on the bottom shouldn’t be too much work.