Please add option to swap toolbar options with menu options

Please allow us to swap out the options on the toolbar. For me two out of the four icons(menu excluded) go completely unused. I would much rather be able to access my history, settings or some of the other menu only options, rather than the current home and search options I dont use. I like the current placement on the bottom, but I find myself rarely utlizing the 1/2 of current toolbar options, and instead consistently have to open the menu to find the thing I need. Being able to go directly to history, downloads, or even the forward button from the toolbar would be incredibly helpful and eliminate at least two taps each time I need one of the currently menu only options. I hope you’ll consider this, as I imagine it would take quite a bit of work, but it would sure be handy.

Thanks a bunch for the suggestion @bobn9lvu! Will pass along to the team.