Different Search Engine in Private Mode

Hello Brave,
Your search engine results have become better than before. Please introduce a feature in Brave Desktop to choose different search engines in normal and private mode. Let me explain you why it is needed. I don’t like DuckDuckGo search results but I have to keep DuckDuckGo as a search engine due to the privacy extension. I have installed it as it provides a two layer security for me. If some trackers escape Brave Shield then it is blocked by DuckDuckGo extension, I myself have experienced it. Once it showed me 2 trackers blocked in spite of Brave Shield being active. If you would introduce different search engine for private tab then it would be beneficial for me as well as for others. For my accounts and all I will get 2 layer protection and for good search results I would use private window only with Brave Search as my search engine. Hope you get my point.
Thank You,