Difference between "create shortcut" and PWA

Not a problem with Brave, but really want to understand the difference between “create shortcut” on a site with no progressive web app option, and doing that for a site that does offer PWA option. Then end result seems the same to me if I check the window box in the create shortcut dialog. Are there any significant differences? Thanks.

Hello @bravoguy, thank you for reaching us out. A PWA is essentially a “boosted” web app that can load even without an internet connection. Responsive web apps are not capable of working offline whereas PWAs can store large amounts of data offline

If the website supports PWA then it will show up as Install App. This is not something controlled by browser something that is done on the website. Even on some sites if you don’t find Install App adding a shortcut still creates a PWA.

Hope this helps. Regards.

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