Progressive Web Apps don't work properly on Windows (easy fix included!)

Description of the issue:
Installing a Progressive Web App creates a shortcut on the Desktop allowing the PWA to be run through the shortcut in it’s own nice window.
However, the shortcut doesn’t work out of the box when installing a PWA through Brave
Steps to Reproduce

  1. Install a PWA ( is an easy one)
    1a. Go to a website that can install as a PWA in Brave ( )
    1b. Click the Brave hamburger Menu in the top right.(Note that you may have to click the hamburger a few times as it takes a moment to notice that the page can be installed as a PWA)
    1c. Click Install <PWA Name>…
  2. Notice that upon installation, it opens the App’s Window just fine.
  3. Notice that a shortcut was created for the App on the Desktop.
  4. Notice that the shortcut doesn’t work to open the App’s Window.
    Actual Result:
    The shortcut does not work at all.
    Expected result:
    The shortcut opens the App’s Window
    Reproduces how often:
    Operating System and Brave Version:
    Windows 10 v1809
    Brave v0.62.51
    Additional Information:
    The shortcut is easily fixed by changing the target from chrome_proxy.exe to brave.exe
    Meaning that all you’d have to do is either fix chrome_proxy to properly forward the PWA shortcut, or make the shortcut point to brave.exe on creation.

Thanks for reporting @ahendrix,

It’s a known issue. See Shortcuts don't work on PC

I’ve passed this information onto the team – appreciate your input on this! I’ll see if I can get some attention on this as the fix seems pretty straight forward.

Brave Beta (0.65.88) hasn’t fixed the problem either unfortunately.

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