Shortcut Bug - Recycle TaskBar Icon/Chrome-less(UI) Window/PWA


When I go to the menu>more tools>create shortcut, I can create a shortcut to a website or web-based application which creates the shortcut with the site’s “favicon” on my Desktop. When I pin this shortcut to the Windows 10 taskbar and click on it, it does not recycle the icon and instead just opens underneath the Brave icon I have pinned to my taskbar.

The second issue with this, is even though it is a created shortcut, Brave is launching with the full UI. Instead, it should be chrome-less and look more like a regular app window. The Google Chrome browser has this same functionality, but on their dialog for “create shortcut”, there is a checkbox that you can check which allows Google Chrome to recycle the taskbar icon as well as run without the UI. This is how it should behave in Brave also but curiously, this option seems to have been removed on Brave’s version of the same UI.

Third issue is that Brave opens my home page in a tab first, then opens the site shortcut. It should only be opening the address of the shortcut. In my case, I’m testing using

Related to this, is Google Chrome has support for PWAs or Progressive Web Apps which is the next step to what I described above and extends it further by allowing web apps to be added to the Start Menu among other things. Since Chrome/Chromium support this technology, Brave should be able to as well.