Difference between brave wallet and uphold gemini

I am confused about this. what is the difference between a brave wallet and uphold, Gemini
where should I receive my brave wallet brave wallet or Uphold Gemini

Brave rewards Wallet is where you receive your rewards. It’s what you see when you go to the rewards page or open a new tab.

Brave Wallet, is a non-custodial hot wallet. You can transfer crypto into it to preserve it in your ends, out of any external entity. This is not used for rewards.

Uphold/Gemini wallets are custodial wallets. It means, they are managed by an external entity. Uphold and Gemini are also crypto exchanges. When you connect your rewards wallet to any of these, your rewards are transferred monthly and converted to BAT. Then you can do whatever you want with the BAT. You can keep it, you can sell it, you can convert it to any other crypto currency. But this is only possible in their exchanges.

Due to regulations, you need to do KYC in order to sell your rewards. For this reason it can only be done in a custodial wallet. The brave wallet cannot be used for it.


This is helpful, thank you. I signed up with Gemini and now it seems they are “holding me hostage.” I gave all of my info including id and they are asking for it again because as soon as I registered there was a sign in to my account from an adjacent city. If someone has my account info me adding my id again I do not feel is wise so I asked them to cancel my account and they will not. Has anyone else had trouble with Gemini?

thanks for your detailed information about my doubt…

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