Didn't received rewords for March

Rewards internals show Rewards state: Not connected

Is something wrong here?

I have 21 bat in my wallet and it’s not verified so can’t wipe the data of the browser. Uphold and Gemini both didn’t work for me, applied multiple times before but it’s never verified. now it seems both removed support for my country. In few months I’ll go abroad so hope I’ll get it verified there.

Since not connected to Uphold /Gemini, you can’t earn BATs any more.

So how much time i got to connect my wallet to Gemini or uphold? I don’t want to loose what I’ve got in my wallet. In few months I’ll be going to USA there I’ll be able to connect it. But I can’t estimate when I’ll be going.

Well, the BATs expire this month end.

Tip them to someone, and when you go in US, they may give a burger or something in return.

Here is a list with all(almost), verified creators.

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