Did not receive any BAT from creator rewards for past two months

Dear Sir @steeven,

I did not receive any bat reward to my uphold for past two months. As you can see the first image was the previous month’s pending rewards and the second one is this month’s pending rewards. None of them have been visiting my uphold account from the time I created the publisher’s account. I already complained about this in my previous thread last month. But the same has happened again. My email linked to publisher’s account is aasil2003@gmail.com and it is completely verified. And all the rewards are from tips and contributions for my YT channel. Also my uphold account is connected and verified for past two months and the email of uphold account connected with the publisher account is aasileng@gmail.com and it is also fully verified/KYC done in which I have been receiving my browser rewards but not the publisher rewards till now. Please help me to get the rewards to my uphold.

Kind regards,

I am also facing same problem .
I am not receiving brave publisher as well as brave rewards in my uphold account .

same here, sent him a DM on reddit and brave but no response

got my payouts only to my brave wallet but not to my verified uphold. :slight_smile:
@Mattches @steeven help us

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