Did not receive BAT from October

It always takes a day or so to process. Give it time.

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same thing happen with me

My October BATs disappeared :frowning:

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Payouts are still being processed. This has been stated many times within this very thread. Just have to have patience :slight_smile:

@SaltyBanana Can you please close this thread lol.

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I didn’t get my monthly rewards. This was the first month connected to Gemini. :frowning:
I reconnected my old Uphold wallet. I am curious what will be the conclusion of this issue…

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@gmiki As stated above, payouts to verified wallets are not done processing.

Because recently brave coin price is high… Brave waiting for some down…
I think after 1-2 days we will get money… So don’t panic…


I also did not receive a BAT payout for the month of october. Can any one comment?

I received mine just now which I use in Desktop but didn’t received the brave mobile version

Hi everyone, welcome to Community :smiley:

No need to be alarmed, the reason you see your rewards panel at 0 or has changed is because payments are processing currently and a new pay period started for this month.
Hopefully this will ease any of your concerns.

Salty :banana: