My BAT are not transferring from brave publisher to uphold

From past 2 months creator reward from are not transferring to uphold wallet. I thought it would resolve automatically are more and more bugs are being resolved but I don’t why am I stuck.
Any help would be great.

Brave Version : 1.26.77

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@sudeep333 please DM me the email linked to your account. Thank you.

Hi @steeven. The problem is quite global. Many people are complaining, I sent you a message a month ago and no results… Why It haven’t been fixed yet? Every month a lot of the same topics.


Same thing is happening to me

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Here’s why hasn’t it been fixed yet. Sometimes there is more than one cause. Sometimes the cause is difficult to identify until information has been collected from a number of users.

There are VERY few Brave staff and THOUSANDS of users requesting help (plus hundreds more just complaining and whining, taking up valuable staff time), so please be patient. The Brave Rewards program is NOT the main purpose of the Brave browser, so dedicating a lot of staff to Brave Rewards is not feasible. The staff focus their efforts on finding and fixing errors in the program that cause the issues, which takes time. Fixing individual accounts is not their focus.

I have same problem, Ads or Creators rewards not transferred my Uphold account since 2 months. I sent reports to @steeven but my problem didn’t fixed. Please help me also.

Sent you my email address. Kindly look into the issue @steeven

Thank you @sudeep333. I can confirm that you’ll receive your BAT as a part of the August payout.

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@steeven Can you look into my DMs too? I have been tryna get into contact with you for a while…

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You told me I’d get my June payout this month in our DMs and I didn’t get it. Now it’s saying I wont get anything until August. Can you reply to my DMs please? I haven’t gotten a payout since May and nobody seems to be able to help.

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@ItzMeRajat will do.

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Hi @benpaidp, just replied. Finally figured out the issue!

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“Finally figured out the issue!”


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I have the same issue as well. No resolution after a few days despite already PMing @steeven the info for that issue. I upgraded my browser and now I am not receiving any ads at all for rewards, not even my BAT transferring to my uphold account.

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Same problem, this will be the end of Brave Browser if they keep on ignoring this global problem issue.


Same here… BATs stopped getting counted in my account from October 2020 until June 2021, when the “counting” renewed. I was promised that when they renewed I would get them retroactively. Not only that hasn’t happened, but my June’s BAT didn’t transfer to the wallet. Can you please help me as well? Thanks!

If you haven’t already, please DM me the email linked to your Creators account. Thank you.

@jwt7000 please send in our DM. Want to keep your info private.

Hi @steeven, I have the same problem. Could you help me?