Device recognition blocked default setting resets to third-party device recognition block

Device recognition blocked default setting, resets to third-party device recognition blocked

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Can you elaborate more, @hendy56?

Using the global settings mode, I prefer the tightest security possible, so I set to block all tracking. Device recognition blocked setting.

More often than not, when I check my shields setting, I have found they have "reverted back " or changed default setting to the global setting of "Third-party device recognition blocked.

@hendy56 did it happens only for device recognition? Or all shield settings?

Did it happens on the same browsing session or after you quit and then reopen Brave?

Did you have any options enabled for “On exit” under brave://settings/clearBrowserData?

And what is your Brave version?

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Hey eljuno, I’m having the same problem and hopefully I can provide some assistance.

It only happens for device recognition and cookies. The other shield settings stay the same.

It happens after quitting the brave browser and reopening it. If it is within the same session the device recognition and cookies settings stays the same.

Yes, I have everything on clear browser data activates except for browsing history and download history.

Brave version: Version 0.68.131 Chromium: 76.0.3809.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)

@irwt, @hendy56
Please try performing the following test:

  1. Launch Brave and ensure that you only have one tab open.
  2. In this tab, visit and open your Shields panel.
  3. Change both the Cookies and Device Recognition settings in the Shields panel to Cookies Blocked and Device Recognition attempts blocked, respectively, as shown below:
  4. Now close the browser window and/or Quit Brave (cmd+q or right-click --> Quit)
  5. Relaunch Brave and visit again

Now, has your Shields panel reverted it’s settings back to
Cookies = Cross-site cookies blocked
Device Recognition = Cross-site Device Recognition attempts blocked

Or were the settings retained?

I found the problem before you posted this. Whenever Brave is set to clear browser data on exit it also clears Brave’s cookies and device recognition shield settings. Thanks for the response.

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