Cookies Setting Not Saved

Description of the issue:
Brave does not save shield settings for cookies and device recognition. I’ve set my browser to “Block All Cookies” and to “Block All Device Recognition Attempts.” However, these shield settings reset after I quit Brave. They reset to “Only Block Cross-Site Cookies” and “Only Block Cross-Site Recognition Attempts.” I’m unable to permanently this setting in the profile.

Reproduces how often:
Every time I quit the software (categorically)

Operating System and Brave Version
Mac OS 10.14 (Mojave) – Brave 1.1.23

@MacPlus did you change the global shield settings (via brave://settings) or per site shield settings (via Brave icon at URL bar)?

Also, do you have any option/s enabled under Menu --> History --> Clear browsing data --> On Exit?

Your solutions worked! The problem is that my “Site Settings” in the “Clear Browsing Data” section were set to clear on exit. I had no idea that this effected the global shield settings.

I appreciate the help, and thank you for the timely response.

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