Device Limit Reached Error

I formatted my devices and now when trying to link back to Brave Rewards with Gemini, I am getting device limit reached error on all my devices. My guess is that my old device profiles prior to me formatting are still there. I have contacted your support team through email but I was told the error will not be removed and to go away. So how can I clear them so I can relink them to my Gemini account? Thanks.

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I’m experiencing the same issue (but with Uphold). I’ve tried writing to Brave and they told me this:

“Please note, the linking limit setting is based on standard device habits. If you are seeing this error message, it may be due to irregular usage or an irregular number of devices connected.”

I don’t think this is right, and support just ignored my reply when I asked them to fix it.

@tdemm3kq Welcome to the community. Brave Support is the final say in all things Rewards. If Support says the error will not be removed, then it will not be removed. You do not have any other recourse at this time.

When Brave removed the 4 device limit last year, they still had fraud detection criteria they used for linking devices. Brave does not share the criteria they use. This is to prevent bad actors from gaining information that may help them game the system.

User reports seem to indicate the linking limit is around 15. There have been users who reported they were able to link more before receiving an error and other users who reported less. So, there definitely appears to be some other criteria involved in getting the error than just the number of devices (new wallet ids) you have linked over some period of time.

If you have backups of your previous Brave-Browser folder(s), you can just replace the current folder with the backup and you should be able to connect. Unfortunately, that is the only way you will be able to connect to your current custodial provider.

The only other option is to change custodial providers. Right now, Uphold is the only other provider. You should be able to connect using Uphold if you meet eligibility criteria. If you are able to use Uphold, in the future, be sure you back-up the Brave-Browser folder if you are going to reformat your device. You will then be able to restore your original Rewards wallet id using the backup.

Hope this helps. Take care.

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