Desktop version of Brave became impossible to use!

So, I have a problem after last update of Brave browser that happened yesterday. Like, until recently it was working mostly fine. I was able to watch YouTube videos or hanging out in social media, such as twitter/X and Facebook. But after yesterday update Brave started to lag too much. For example, I start to watch a video on YouTube, and after that Brave starts to lag like hell. It lags so much that I can’t even watch the video. The same with websites like Facebook for example. When I enter the page and starting to look for what people are posting, everything seems to be fine, but just few seconds after that Brave starts to lag so much that I can’t simply scroll the page up or down. And because of this, I decided to report this problem and see if anyone can help me out in solving it. Because, I really like this Browser because of it’s privacy and it’s features, but for some reason since the last update I can’t normally use this browser do to a massive lag.

Now, I tried everything to solve this problem. I cleared my cache, restarted the browser, rebooted my computer and stuff like that but nothing seems to work. And as for the extensions, I don’t even have much of them. Just a few of them like adblock, VPN and tabs that helps me to browse my favorite websites faster, so I doubt that the lag problem is because of those 3 extensions. So yeah, I hope that someone can help me out here because, it is currently impossible to use this browser.

UPD: I also have this error on YouTube, when I start watching video, instead of actual video error shows up saying that “Error. Try again later” with error code 282054944. I wonder why it happens because, it was not happening before yesterdays update.

UPD2: I just now noticed that Brave shield became broken. Because, that error with the code that I mentioned above shows up only when I use Brave shield. But, if I turn off Brave shield and turn ON adblock plus, then it fixes that error for me and I can now watch videos with no problem.

Okay, so after the update few days ago I noticed weird things happening to desktop Brave browser. First of all, it started to lag like hell. Like, I can watch few videos on YouTube and then it starts to lag like hell. I first thought that there is some problems with my PC but nope. After I close brave, open the task manager and wait a few seconds, lag stops and never happens again until I launch Brave browser again.

Then there is another problem. The Brave Shield for some reason are killing the videos. Like, when I turn ON Brave Shield, instead of the video I see the error message that says: “Error. Try again later” with the code: 282054944. And so, when I turn OFF Brave Shield and instead install and activate AdBlock Plus, the error never shows up again.

And thus I will say that I will have to stop using desktop version of Brave. Because, it became impossible to use. It lags too much, it breaks the video and in general is not comfortable to use anymore. Sure, I would love to use Brave further but I can’t. So I will probably have to return back to using Google Chrome or Opera. Which is a sad thing because, those two are not aiming towards privacy. But I don’t have a choice.

Version of Brave Browser: 1.58.137.

Well, you could post asking for help and sharing more information. But instead you deleted the template requesting info and instead seems like you’re just trying to announce you’re going to a different browser.

And it does sound like you’ve figured out some of your issues. Such as you mentioned if you turn off Shields, whatever video you tried watching will work. This makes it seem like your Shields settings might be causing an issue. Either that, or you have an extension installed that’s interfering.

So guess the big question is, do you actually want help?

I did just that in my previous post, but no one replied to me. So what should I do besides going to different browser? And YES, I do want help, but I have none.

Here is my previous post that I made 3 days ago: Brave lags after update and brave shield is broken

@DeathCold Well, few things wrong. I’ll be listing some things below. Some of it will just be information I’ll need you to provide and other parts will be things I need you to try and report back on. Also, for the future, do consider to make sure you Search Before Posting, but more importantly that you make sure to answer the templates and provide much more detail when Creating Topics.

(side note, I just merged your two topics together and had older post appear on top)

  • What version of Windows are you using?

  • What Shields settings are you using? (If you want some guidelines on my own suggestions, check out What are the best settings for Shields?)

  • Does this issue go away with Shields disabled?

  • Does this issue happen in private window?

  • Can you add a new profile and test there without changing settings or installing extensions?

  • Are you using a VPN or proxy?

  • Does this only happen on particular sites?

Yes, it can happen because of one simple extension. Each extension interacts with the browser and websites in different ways. Sometimes their code can create all sorts of issues with browsers. So it’s usually not good to assume they are flawless. Each browser update or change made by the devs of the extensions can result in problems. Meaning an extension that worked perfectly can suddenly cause the browser to crash or lag due to changes made.

This error message is usually a reference for a weak or unstable internet. Though it can mean YouTube’s servers have issues, you’re using an outdated web browser, browser cookies are disabled, or your video driver is outdated. So part of what we’d be looking at are things in each of those areas.

This suggestion makes it seem to be either your Shields settings or one of your extensions. Of the two, based on me not replicating your error message, I’m going to assume it’s poor compatibility with an extension or you have added some content filter. But we’ll just take it a step at a time and find out.

Windows 10 x64 PRO 22H2.

Standard settings. Those that are set by default.

If you mean the error that pops up instead of the video then yes. When I disable shield, that error is gone.

Didn’t tested it yet, but I will and later will report back on it.

I can but how does my current profile can cause that error anyway?

Nope. I do not use Brave’s VPN. But I have touch VPN installed, and I’m using it only on those websites that I can’t access without it. But most of the time my VPN is disabled.

Yes. That error that pops up in the video shows up only on YouTube. But if we are talking about lag, then it happens in many different situations. For example, if I’m watching video on YouTube for too long or if I’m browsing twitter or facebook for too long.

I don’t use those extensions that I have installed in brave. They are just there in case if I need them. Like touch VPN for example. I need it to only access websites that is blocked in my country for example. Or Adblock Plus, which I need for facebook because Brave Shield does not block ads on facebook for some reason. But most of the time, all of those extensions are off. They are there but they are not working unless I need them.

My internet is fast enough to load video fast or a web page. The maximum speed is 2 MB and that should be enough for video to load. And my Brave browser are up to date. It updates automatically. As for cookies, they are not disabled. Only those that Brave blocks by default.

As I already said, my shield settings are set by default. And I don’t use any extensions that I have installed, unless I need them for a specific reason.

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Ok. To be clear, this primarily tests if extensions are causing your problem.

New profile is default settings and comes with nothing. So if it works on new profile, it helps us know with certainty that it’s bad cookies, some setting changed, or an extension. When combined with someone testing with private window, kind of assists in navigating the issue a little better.

Sadly, having on (even if not using) can sometimes be enough. Especially if they aren’t disabled. And oddly enough, there have been some extensions which cause issues even when disabled. It wasn’t until removed that it changed. But new profile and/or private window should help to rule this out.

Ok, so I just tested this in private window and I didn’t noticed that error, but I noticed different thing. The video in private window takes too long to load. And even if it’s loaded, it still shows it as it loads.

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