Deposited by Brave but didn't received in my Uphold

Hey Please help me brave shows last deposit on 13th November and i still didn’t got in my uphold account even contacted uphold they said issue is from Brave contact them see my statement from Brave and uphold please give my BAT thanks

This one :point_down:

No bro that’s different one another 26 BAT i should get

It’s just “late” statement. If you see the total amount, its same.

No bro that 26 bat i got my YouTube tip amount i sent 20 bat token tip to my YouTube channel and 6 bat i got for watching ads so it’s different one

Then, I should receive “another” BAT too? :sweat_smile:

If you received contribution from 1-31 of this month, it’ll be paid in the next month payout. You should see the BAT in your publisher dashboard.

This month payout is for contribution that you received last month. And again, “Nov 13th” is a “late” statement for 8th payout. cc @asad @steeven

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