I Did Not Got My BAT Contributions For This Month

Hello @steeven

I had got my BAT from The Contributions, not from there referral’s
Here are some Proof’s

And my uphold account is been connect and I was reserving Payout well from past 8 to 9 month’s

This is the first time I am facing this issue Please Help me With it…

And I had sent my mail id to you DM.


Please Don’t Ignore This,

Thanks in Advance😃.

Same problem here. I sent a DM to @steeven yesterday but no response yet.

how do we get a hold of Brave so they can put some more supporters in this forum?, so users can get answers instead of rearly getting any answers

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did you get your pay?.. i´m having the same problem…

Same problem here. We are really relying on this, we need that BAT before we go BATTY!

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