BAT --> Youtube --> Uphold Wallet | Still pending

Dear Brave Community & Support,

I am having trouble seeing the Tipped amount of BAT that I received via my youtube channel in my Uphold wallet.
My creator page shows BAT amount

And my Uphold wallet shows this:

I contacted the Uphold support already and they checked it out and told me that the problem is at the side of Brave.

are there any known fixes for this? or can somebody contact me with a dev who could look it up?

Would love to hear from you

Shown on your screenshot. Next deposit date is April 8th @Hylke.

Hi Eljuno,

Thanks for the quick reply. The problem with the “next deposit” date is that i’ve been waiting for 2 deposit periods already. I’ll confirm if it works this time or not :slight_smile:

When you connect your Uphold account?

Mid January if I am correct. But i’ll wait for the 8th then

Did you always have a same balance? Since January? There’s 5 BAT minimum threshold for payout.

Also, can you make sure you have BAT card on your Uphold account? Payout will be sent to this card. Your YouTube BAT card is used when you receive a direct tip.

I would like to suggest to reconnect your Uphold account – just to make sure it’s “connected properly”. Do it once, before March 31. And then wait for the next payout.

Basically to make sure this one » March 2020 Publishers Payout Megathread

Yes, I always had the same balance. but 19 should surpass the 5BAT minimum threshold.
I just verified that I have a BAT card on my uphold account (as you can see in the screen as well).
I reconnected my BAT Uphold account with the youtube channel this month.

Thanks anyway for the quick response and all the help <3

Just wanted to mention. I got payed out today! So this topic has been resolved.
Thanks @eljuno voor helping me out.
If i ever run into trouble again, i’ll be back here on the forum.

for now; Let’s browse!

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