Brave Removed a Paywall Extension

This isn’t really a bug report. I just realized that on my one of my Brave updates, an extension I installed on Developer mode that I used to get around paywalls was deleted without notice. I find this disturbing on the level of the changes duckduckgo made to their search engine to deprioritize Russian content. I no longer use duckduckgo. Wondering about Brave now too.

Google will remove/disable extensions here, not Brave

How does google remove extensions from someone else’s open source chromium-based project?

@napoleon_dynamite Brave shouldn’t have had anything removed. If you go to extensions, are you saying it’s not listed there, even if you go to Developer mode?

Other thing, did you manually install the extension through a CRX or did you get it through Google’s Extension store?

I’m trying to look and think of what could have happened if you’re saying it just “disappeared” but it seems unlikely.

I’m hoping/thinking his was a typo. Meant to say “Google will remove THERE” but instead he ended up with “HERE.” Otherwise you’re right, a bit confusing to think it might be able to remove from the browser. Pretty sure they couldn’t do it. But then again, not like I know much in the way of things here.

I was trying to read a newspaper I used to be able to access today and when I checked the extension, which I installed manually, it was gone. I did not delete it.

@napoleon_dynamite My ramblings/thoughts here may not be worth much, as I’m really not that smart when it comes to a lot of this. But just a quick thinking of things until perhaps someone like @Mattches can check in on things later, let me ask:

If you go into Extensions, is it still enabled on Developer mode? If you unpack and/or update, does it show? I’m thinking maybe more than being deleted, it just somehow wasn’t loaded.

I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be loaded and active, but thinking it’s all still there but might just not have remained visible, basically.

I could be far from making any sense and be wrong as heck, but just was a thought from an issue in the past. With that, I at least have Mattches tagged and hope maybe he’ll be able to work with you on things.

That said, he will want/need to know version of OS and which version of Brave you’re using.

If an extension is installed via the google play store, then is found to have issues/security vuls etc. It can be disabled. I’ve seen this before with an extension I installed (a volume increaser extension). Which had security issues.

Thank you Saoiray. I already reinstalled it and it’s visible.

Using Mac OS 12.6 and Brave v1.45.133

Challenge is that I don’t know when this occurred exactly. Sometime in the last few weeks is all I can say as that was the last time I used the extension

Speaking of, that’s outdated. Newest for Desktop is Version 1.46.134. Maybe will give another chance to see if it happens again when you update.

Ok. Hopefully no other issues. It is weird to just vanish. If happens again, might need to find out how you’re updating and what else might be going on. Especially since you’re saying you’ve installed via CRX and not the extension store.

I updated–it was just waiting for a restart–and the extension is still here. It’s a mystery.

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