Brave search decentralized?

Maybe it’s already mentioned. Maybe Brave has already announced something on it.
Is Brave search gonna be decentralized? I know searx works with instances. Considering UI/UX,, searx lacks.
I know Odysee is gonna be the next Youtube. It’s a UI/UX optimised website on top of a decentralised protocol. So I’m wondering, and maybe it’s already mentioned, can Brave search be decentralised, while being UI/UX optimised? Or in some way have a UI/UX optimised search on top of decentralisation?
I definitely think there’s demand for it.

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I really think Brave should look into full decentralisation. Go full p2p. Just like people can share content through the Lbry app without being dependent on Just like I can send crypto money without being dependent on Just like using Bittorrent without being dependent on
Make Brave search open source and allow people to host a search engine on the Brave blockchain.

:grinning: I think this is a great idea!!!