Need help with BUSD transfer from Binance to Brave Wallet via Polygon network

I’m reaching out to you for some assistance with my Brave wallet. I recently sent some BUSD from my Binance wallet to my Brave wallet using the Polygon network. While the transaction was successful on Binance and PolygonScan, my Brave wallet is still showing a balance of $0.00.

I’ve checked my TxID, which is ‘0x622b1517bdb5dbfefe69afebae040e4e850330cfb36f52dccd9c11731514468f’, and it appears that the transaction went through successfully. However, I’m still not seeing the funds in my Brave wallet.

I’m hoping that someone can help me resolve this issue. If anyone has any advice or can provide any assistance, please let me know. I would really appreciate any help you can offer.

Thank you.

Is BUSD added into visible assets?

Ensure that you add custom asset BUSD in Polygon network and make it visible.

I added BUSD on polygon network to the visible assets three days ago and still my balance is $0.0
I even filter to show only polygon network.

Thanks for the clarification @kameen744

In that case I suggest you to open a ticket with Brave Support using the link below. It may take few days to get an answer but they will look at your issue.

It turns out that there are two different BUSD tokens on Polygon:

  1. BUSD issued by Binance (link)

  2. BUSD issued by Paxos (link)

:loudspeaker: Binance-Peg BUSD is what Binance (the exchange) uses for BUSD transfers. Corollary: if you’re sending BUSD to Binance, I suggest you use the same.

I have pushed an update to the tokens list that now shows both the tokens with clearer names. Since you have a BUSD balance for Binance-Peg BUSD, it should now get auto-discovered on your portfolio. If not please, manually add it by going to Visible Assets.

You may need to restart your browser for the tokens list to be refreshed.


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