I have deposited money to my brave wallet a have not received it

I used poligon for the first time
I sent money to my brave busd wallet in polygon network too
but funds did not come
please tell me what is the problem

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(post deleted by author)

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Please do not open link and give any info on the form by @Smarty. It is a scam.

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Reopening this because a lot of users have been facing the same issue.

It turns out that there are two different BUSD tokens on Polygon:

  1. BUSD issued by Binance (link)

  2. BUSD issued by Paxos (link)

:loudspeaker: Binance-Peg BUSD is what Binance (the exchange) uses for BUSD transfers. Corollary: if you’re sending BUSD to Binance, I suggest you use the same.

I have pushed an update to the tokens list that now shows both the tokens with clearer names. If you have a balance on either of these tokens, it should now get auto-discovered on your portfolio.

You may need to restart your browser for the tokens list to be refreshed.