Dashboard statements, last deposit and balance

Hi there

Received last deposit last week so all great. However, it seems the dashboard is not refreshed as it still shows the old balance, old deposit date & amount and statements are empty.

Any idea why it’s “stuck”? It is counting new confirmations though



It happens the same for everybody because the payments are not fully processed yet. After all the creators are paid, it will update.


ah alright, thanks for the head-sup

Thanks for reporting @obrndk, this should update for you today.

same for me :-(, is it for everbody ?

Hi @hihouhou, thanks for reporting. Gemini payments are processing today, and once that has completed, all publishers statements will be updated.


yes can see it’s sorted now. Thanks again and have a fab weekend

@steeven check your inbox a sent you a DM again , my Brave Rewards not update .

@steeven FYI :
Last Deposit: XXXXX BAT
Last Deposit Date: 2020-10-17

but about statement information :
View statements
No statements available.

any news about the issue ? @steeven

Hello, what’s happen ?

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