No deposits since September 2021

How do I troubleshoot creator deposit issues? My creator account says its last payout was on 2021-09-16. It seems stuck but there’s no details to help me troubleshoot what’s wrong.

I’ve logged in a couple of times over the last months and remember seeing different “current period” earnings every time. It does a bit up and down. I figured it would sort itself out in time, but alas … there doesn’t seem to be any change and my account balance haven’t increased since September 2021.

So, what do I do? Who do I contact? Why isn’t there any contact details on the creator account pages?

Hi. I have the same problem but since much earlier. ISSUE: In 2019 I received payments for referrals in my account and they were never paid. I’ve been looking for the last 6 months to see if they deposit it and it’s always been the same for 3 years. Attachment screenshot Thanks.

Is anyone from the Brave team monitoring these forums anymore?

Just a FYI, they don’t have many employees on here. You’re expected to create a Support Ticket if you need assistance directly from Brave. Otherwise Topics created here is for Community, in other words hoping any Users or Brave staff might see it and help. But just because you create a Topic does not mean you’re guaranteed an answer. Hence why you should create a Support Ticket.

To create a Support Ticket, you need to go to complete the form at

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