No deposits since September 2021

How do I troubleshoot creator deposit issues? My creator account says its last payout was on 2021-09-16. It seems stuck but there’s no details to help me troubleshoot what’s wrong.

I’ve logged in a couple of times over the last months and remember seeing different “current period” earnings every time. It does a bit up and down. I figured it would sort itself out in time, but alas … there doesn’t seem to be any change and my account balance haven’t increased since September 2021.

So, what do I do? Who do I contact? Why isn’t there any contact details on the creator account pages?

Hi. I have the same problem but since much earlier. ISSUE: In 2019 I received payments for referrals in my account and they were never paid. I’ve been looking for the last 6 months to see if they deposit it and it’s always been the same for 3 years. Attachment screenshot Thanks.