Can't Deposit from my Brave Rewards Creator Account

Hey there!

So I have about 110BAT balance on my Brave Creator Account and I have my Gemini Account verified and connected. However, I’ve waited about 1 month but no payout has been deposited to my Gemini account and I don’t see any statements showing.

Is this normal? If not, What am I suppose to do?

Same happened with me last month but then i reported for this here and they asked for my email linked with it…i gave and they then show depostied there…(only show) when i checked my uphold account connected with it…there balance was ZERO and no last payment recieved…im tired of showing ss many times tbh

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I mean there has to be a responsible person for this. They can’t just leave their creators like this.

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@DashCruft pm @steeven with your email id he will help you

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@steeven take care Brave rewards issues here and he is on vacation i guess, so you have wait to get assist.

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on vocation during covid?

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anyways let’s see how long the vacation goes and ya Goodluck finding a non-stupiid (conversation) not conservation :slight_smile:

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Not vocation,
It’s vacation :slightly_smiling_face:

lol and you deleted your text, not bad

you’re funny btw…not bad

Thank you! I just did that.

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