My last deposit amount on brave publishers hasn't been updated yet

hii all. no admins are replying me so creating a new thread. i just want to know why the last Deposit amount option on my publishers page isn’t updated? i receivee 588 BATS on july and 1471 bats on august 10th but my publishers page still shows the last Deposit amount as 588 BATS instead of showing the latest amount which i received on August.

dear admins, please reply and help. will it be updated soon or is there something wrong with my publisher account? below are the screenshots of my publisher dashboard and my uphold’s transaction of august 10th in which brave publishers sent me 1471 BATS.

Let’s just wait day by day. I think the server is finalizing statements but I believe you also observe that our BATs from referrals are slowly getting credited. So it will be alright. They still have a lot of things to fix but I believe we’ll get there and no BATs will be lost.

@jocjoc27 you also facing problem as i am facing??
if one admin would have replied, it would have been a great relief for us. but no admins are replying

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